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FLOWmarket is a shop designed to inspire consumers to think, live and consume more holistic. The core of FLOWmarket is the scarcity goods collection where present imbalances from the 3 FLOW dimensions (individual, collective and environmental flow) have been adressed and transformed into physical products. Scarcity goods products in the shape of aesthetically designed (empty) packings with humorous and thought awakening prints that consumers can buy in the venueshops or via the online shop. Further on FLOWmarket collaborate with designers and artists around the globe that fits with our mindset, humour and aestetichs.

FLOWmarket was initiated in 2004 and is the working label of danish designer Mads Hagstroem (b.1976). FLOWmarket works within the field of sustainability, design and commercialism. FLOWmarket has due to it´s simple and universal form been able to succesfully cross cultural boundries between Europe, US and Asia where it has recieved numerous recognitions.


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