Urban fabric

"(...) there really is no perfect form of street fabric - many different networks and patterns are capable of producing wonderful places and being friendly for pedestrians as long as their fabric allows frequent and comprehensive linkages - there simply seems to be an upper scale beyond which all hope of efficient (and therefore popular) pedestrian circulation is gone."

MISSISSAUGA: “Long blocks and virtually empty sidewalks”

Barcelona Urban FabricBARCELONA: “La Ramblas is the main north-south promenade”

Copenhagen Urban FormCOPENHAGEN: “City features a car-free zone called the Stroget”

London Urban FormLONDON: “The Mayfair and Soho districts south of Oxford St”

New York Urban FormNEW YORK: “Midtown Manhattan south of Central Park”

Paris Urban FormPARIS: “Streets were designed by Georges-Eugne Haussmann”

Rome Urban FormROME: “East of the Tiber River bend that points to the Vatican”

San Francisco Urban FormSAN FRANCISCO: “Market St splits the central city into two grids”

Toronto Urban FormTORONTO: “Between Queen and College Sts east of Bathurst”


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